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Fashion and style, these are the words that have always remained close to us as far as we can remember. Fashion is really about expressing your identity; fashion in one way or another affects our lives and more importantly our lifestyle. We attach ourselves to various style and then that choice of mostly determines how we feel throughout the day.


Fashion hovers over all the realms of life; let it be politics, diplomacy, media, film industry, music industry. People mostly consider their choice in clothing as something that can relate to their daily comfort and utility but it actually a way to express ourselves. Isn't it beautiful how even accesorizing differently  can change the whole picture for you?


Part of choosing ethical fashion over other fashion sense adds another element to what fashion means to most people and what they choose to express to other people. But in reality, fashion isn't just about picking pretty garments that show off the personality, it's also about linking to where the clothes themselves come from or which designers made them,  they can make you feel like you are a part of a bigger picture like you are in the limelight.


So, what fashion means to someone is something really important. Fashion can be just a way of expressing themselves or expressing their life styles, it can be utility and comfort for some people or it can be aesthetics for some. What fashion can mean to someone can be really intriguing. It is something that is hovering like a cloud over everything else in this world. You cannot, in any case, abrogate fashion and wish to flourish in this world. We see the normal trend that the presidential speech has its' importance but the most discussed thing the next day is what the first lady wore.


We cannot deny the position that fashion has this world but all you can do is accept it with a whole heart.

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